ALLSTOCKER provides 2 services.


It is online marketplace for used machinery , which user can browse 24h/365days. ALLSTOCKER is has hundreds of Japanese Used Machinery, and accessed from over 150 countries , mainly East and South East Asia. User can search machinery by category or model , and negotiate.


It is bit-up style auction, which is held irregulaly. For browsing and bidding in ALLSTOKER Auction, user need to sign up. ALLSTOCKER informs the auction schedule and item lists to members in advance.


Only members can get limited items and event information.

Member Class Service How to register & registration conditions
User (non-membership)
  1. Search and browse machinery in ALLSTOCKER Market
  2. Contact for machinery in ALLSTOCKER Market
  3. Multilingual customer support
  1. N/A
  1. Bookmark a machine in ALLSTOCKER Market
  2. Check market data
  3. Get ALLSTOCKER event information
  4. Browse ALLSTOCKER Auction
  1. Sign Up from here
ALLSTOCKER Transaction User
  1. Bid or Purchase in ALLSTOCKER Market/Auction
  2. Sell in ALLSTOCKER Market/Auction
  3. Browse, bit or purchase limited items
  4. Shipping support
  5. Payment support
  1. Registered as ALLSTOCKER user
  2. Request from My Page
  3. Pass the screening process for register
  4. Company or sole proprietorship

Transaction Fee

It is free for using ALLSTOCKER service. Member shall pay 5% of the agreed price as a transaction fee.
In addition, if the purchase is made within Japan, there will be a separate, additional consumption tax.

Please feel free to contact us.