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ALLSTOCKER Auction is an Internet auction where you can place bids by PCs and smartphones. The auctions are usually held monthly and have a large number of items from major leasing companies, along with machines in superior condition that you wont find anywhere else.

Please sign up for free to place bids in the auction.


  • ALLSTOCKER Auction provides you with great opportunities to win high quality Japan-made & Japan-used machines at reasonable prices.
  • All machines are Inspected by industry experts.
  • You can bid from your bed room; no travel expenses needed.
  • The auction has special functions such as Auto Bid, Buyout Option, Total Cost Calculator and Bidding Dashboard.
  • Our multilingual customer support team will help you with payments, shipping arrangements, and communication with sellers.

How to Bid

Normal Bid

Access to an item page with your PC or smartphone and click "bid" button twice.

Auto Bid

This feature allows you to make bids at the minimum bid amount automatically when other bidders appear, until the preset bid reserve is reached. To place Auto Bids, press "+" button until the price reaches at your budget and press "Auto Bid" button.

Buyout Bid

This feature allows you to make a bid at the buyout price set by the seller to immediately win the bidding. Items that have a buyout price set in advance by the seller have a "Buyout" button.

Listing Period & Bidding Period

ALLSTOCKER Auction has Listing Period during which you can browse machines before auction starts, and Bidding Period during which you can place actual bids.

During Listing Period, only members can check full details of auction items on the website so we highly recommend you to be ALLSTOCKER Transaction User from here.

Bidding Period is usually 1 to 2 days. If you can't make it, use Auto Bid function.

If you are interested in participating in ALLSTOCKER Auction, please contact us.